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A Little About US

SANKALP NGO is a Delhi-based NGO, but we have our branches across the country as well as
Countries Abroad. In Delhi itself, we have 18+ Centers.

SANKALP was established in (2018)with just a small idea of providing voluntary free tuitions to the children of slum people and today we are successfully running more than 50 branches of SANKALP across the country. Currently, we have an outreach of 12000+ volunteers in 3+ countries across the world.

This Organization works for the upliftment of the Under-privileged Society including people residing in slum and rural areas.
We work under various projects and the students are exposed to ample opportunities by
choosing to work from our ongoing projects like-Teaching projects, Old Age Home Project, Sanitation and Medical Awareness Projects, HR and PR, Social Media Marketing, Photography and Film making, Graphic Designing and Content Writing, etc.

We work day and night towards uplifting the living conditions of the under privileged society.

As our tagline itself suggests SANKALP HAMARA is a pledge which every member of SANKALP NGO believes in and works towards achieving our common goal.



As our tagline itself suggests SANKALP HAMARA is a pledge which every member of SANKALP NGO believes in and works towards achieving our common goal.


We at SANKALP provide equal opportunity to every dedicated member who wants to join and work with us and provide complete assistance in teaching the relevant skills and developing personality at individual level.


To provide assistance and quality education to the underprivileged and the needy.


To make India poverty free.



Under this project, Volunteers visit various slum areas ,do the survey of family details, persisting problems faced by the residents of the slum , analyse that survey and then based on the conclusion, necessary work is done towards resolving the issues.


Volunteers work as teachers/Mentors for the slum kids and give regular tution classes in order to help them with studies. Volunteers are also required to convince parents of the kids who don’t send their children to school and help them throughout the admission process.


As a part of this project, eligible volunteers provide dance classes to the slum kids to help talented children from the under privileged society gain a platform of their interest.


This project is more like a choir group where volunteers give regular music classes to the kids who have good voice and have an interest in the field of music. The motive is to help them discover their hidden talent


Under this project, qualified volunteers not only arrange Nukkad Nataks on various social issues for the slum and illiterate people in order to aware them but also give voluntary acting classes to the children from the slum areas who have an enthusiasm towards learning acting skills.


In this project ,slum children are given an activity class where they are taught drawing and painting skills after providing all the required materials. SANKALP also organizes various competitions under this project like poster making competitions on Independence day/republic day, Diya making competition on diwali, pot painting competition on world environment day, etc.

Happy Hours

This project requires volunteers to visit the old age homes ,observe and analyse  the living conditions of the people living there and work towards methods for resolving any issues faced by them. Volunteers have also been organizing events for the old age people as part of this project where they perform, play ,share stories and gift some sweet memories to the elderly people.

Before and after

This project runs on the theme –“Maintaining a Sustainable Environment”. Under this project, various sanitation drives are organized at general public places,  sessions are organized where volunteers explain the importance of a clean environment and various ways on how slum people can keep their surroundings clean. People are also explained about various harmful diseases which occur due to creating pollution and by not keeping our surroundings clean.


This project organizes events mainly in schools and colleges where students put donation drives for the needy. People can donate stationery, clothes ,money ,etc which is then distributed to the slum people by the volunteers.


Under this project, welfare of under privileged women is looked after , especially those who are housewives and seek help. Women of the slum areas are trained and provided suitable job opportunities to help them provide a helping hand towards running their houses better. An important part of this project involves educating men on drug abuse and respecting their wives, mother, etc in order to create a healthy environment at home for living.


In this project, Professional doctors set-up camp at nearby slum areas for free health check-ups and provide free medicines to the needy. This event is organized and handled by the team members of SANKALP.

Human Resource and Public Relations

This project mainly deals with the recruitment and hiring process of volunteers from diverse age groups, societies, cities, etc.

Social media Marketing

As the name suggests, the work under this project involves handling of various social media pages, monitoring and increasing followers, subscribers and also working towards increasing and maintaining an online outreach among the masses.


As SANKALP celebrates all the festivals and organizes various events for the underprivileged people and slum kids, this project hires volunteers with good photography and videography skills to cover all the events organized from time to time at all of SANKALP’S branches.

Graphic Designing and Content Writing

This project involves content writing for the online blogs and social media posts with proper graphic designs and pictures of the field works.

Fund Raising

In this project, volunteers raise fund through putting up stalls in Colleges, through selling different usable products made by the slum people in various College events, etc.

“Uplift the Slums to uplift India, that is how we will progress considering each and every citizen of the country”

Somik kalkal, Founder & President
" Everyone should devote 5 days (120 hours) in a year for social work "
Somik Kalkal
Founder & President

Tilak nagar Project

Sankalp NGO working with the Tilak Nagar Slum Kids. Helping them discover their hidden talent.


Our Team of Social Workers

Jatin Sapra

Aditya Chaturvedi

Vridhi Bansal

Sanskriti Singh Parmar

Vice President, 

Sankalp NGO

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Technology Team 

Zonal President,  


Zonal President,  


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